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The Woven project is a collaboration between designers and the bamboo artisans communities of mountainous Indian Himalayan state of Sikkim.


This project focuses on developing bamboo industries with the bamboo artisan community in Sikkim which would develop the life and culture in a sustainable process.


The WOVEN project combines livelihood with production, ecology and lifestyle resulting in a creative industry/ economy with an impact in other sectors like ecotourism also.

Dining Table Set with Partition screen

Handwoven bamboo weave over teak wooden frames with 4 stools.

The table transforms into a ambient lighting product exposing the details of the fine weave.

Table Size: 48"X32"X28" (lxbxh)

Stool size: 20"X20"X16" (lxbxh)

Room Partition screen

The screen is made of teak wood and bamboo and it can fold itself into an ambient triangular self standing light in the night.

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